Year 11 Retreat

In April 2019 St Raphael’s Cowra Year 11 came to St Joseph’s House, Perthville for their annual school retreat.
They were a delightful group who entered fully in to the program organised by their school. They also made good use of the facilities including the pool, and the spacious grounds.
Some comments from individuals:

On our retreat at St Joseph’s, Perthville, We all had an absolutely wonderful time.
I especially loved how we were always able to find a quiet place to reflect in the gardens of the premises. – K P

The food was delicious and always prepared on-time. It was something good to look forward to with such a variety of foods. – J G

I came home 20kg heavier, the food was great. – J H

The facilities were top-notch and always well above standard. My favorite was the pool! – K O’B

The dormitories were open enough to enjoy later nights, but closed enough so that you could have some privacy when you needed it.
The mattresses were the best as well! – B M

The sisters that looked after us were so enthusiastic about helping us and making us feel comfortable in such a different environment.
It was really appreciated by us all. – A G